Mexican Cocaine from Colombia

I recently read an article (provided in the link below) about the relationship between Mexican drug traffickers and drug producers in Colombia. In the article, the author stated that “Colombia is one of the world’s largest producers of cocaine, with an estimated output of 290 tons per year, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.” The article went on to describe that Colombia’s drug cartels primarily act only as producers now as they have been weakened by U.S. backed military anti drug efforts. According to the article, Mexican Cartels have started sending operatives into Colombia in order to directly negotiate and transport the Colombian produced cocaine back to the Cartels in Mexico. The article described how there has been knowledge of a connection between Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, but that this is the first mention of active foreign traffickers in the area.

This article is very interesting as it directly relates to the topics we are covering in class. The topic of drug organizations in Colombia is the topic we have recently started, so it is interesting to see an article that illustrates some of the history of the Colombian drug organizations. The article hints at the fact that the Colombian drug cartels have been very powerful and successful, but the article also describes how they have suffered from U.S. backed anti drug attempts. This article describes the current state of Colombian drug cartels and illustrates how, due to the anti drug efforts, these cartels have resorted primarily to producing cocaine. The article is further interesting as it illustrates a connectedness between drug cartels. The networks that drug cartels have formed include and depend on each other. The article illustrates a prime example of this by revealing that Mexican cartels send operatives directly to Colombia to negotiate and transport. The Colombian cartels produce, and the Mexican cartels purchase and transport. This interconnectedness shows the international nature of the drug trade, not just between traffickers and users, but also between traffickers and producers.


2 thoughts on “Mexican Cocaine from Colombia

  1. It is very interesting that you mentioned the connection between the traffickers and the producers. It shows that the problem and war on drugs is highly interconnected. It is an international issue that is so connected it is unstoppable, as dismal as it seems. It is good to know that the anti-drug efforts the United States has weakened Colombia but it only makes sense that they would find ways to traffic the drugs and continue the problem.


  2. Its crazy to think how these cartels have become a business and that they are now working together. Some are producers and some transport and distribute. You’d think they all would work separately in order to gain the most profit but maybe working together has really power against fighting off authorities. Really cool and interesting!


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